Legal (contracts, birth and death certificates, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, insurance claims, real estate, court papers, DUI court instructions, legal correspondence, school transcripts, affidavits)
Legal forms, Court forms
Pretrial services and jail procedures manuals
Business and finances (e-commerce, banking, business administration and management, marketing, advertising)
Education (K-12; IEPs, curriculum)
Medical (articles, instructions for patients, privacy forms)
Feasibility studies
Web reviews and power point presentations
Food industry (catalogs, food labels, FDA requirements)
Emergency response releases
Market studies for product promotion, customer service surveys
Human Resources manuals
Check translations for grammar, style and content

Translation, Editing and Proofreading 

Carmen Febres-Cordero
Certified Spanish
Interpreter, Translator and Transcriber

Transcription and Translation (Forensic)

Transcription and translation of sound and video files: wiretaps, interviews, police interrogations.

Tel. (412) 303-5015                                                                                                     



Simultaneous, consecutive and sight translation in court proceedings (criminal,civil, juvenile)

Mental evaluations (private and in jail)
Workers compensation hearings
Social Security Administration, immigration, arbitration; insurance, welfare
Medical (examinations, procedures and therapy)
Youth and Family Services (Child Protection Services)
Speech therapy
Employee training, sales, escort (International visitors), foreign aeronautical inspections
Medical visits and procedures; school conferences and meetings; meeting facilitator
OSHA Training